Introducing EarthFolio: Power to the Every Investor

What you need to know:

 Sit at the virtual boardroom table as a sustainable shareholder.

 EarthFolio leverages technology to lower fees and minimums.

 Sustainable investing has exceeded $6.5 trillion in assets.

Picture this: You are seated at a conference table where stiffly suited executives are thumbing through the pages of an end-of-year report. You are wearing your bathrobe and bunny slippers, but no one seems to notice.

The company’s CEO floats a proposal to shift its energy sources to a mix of wind and solar. You glance around the room; the suits do not respond.

“I support this,” you announce. “It makes sense on every level.” As you lay forth your arguments, the executives give their full attention to the oddly dressed disruptor in the room. They nod in agreement, and the proposal passes with unanimous support. Just like that, you are a climate superhero.

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