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A portfolio that protects resources.
Especially yours.

Is trying to invest sustainably leaving you stranded?

Until now, investing has meant doing it yourself or having a large investment in order to hire a professional advisor (often with little or no sustainable investing experience). We believe smart and independent advice should be available to all, not just the privileged few. EarthFolio levels the playing field with a low $25,000 opening investment and a transparent annual fee you can understand.

Personalized advice at half the cost.

EarthFolio Annual Fee

Typical Annual Fee

Don’t nickel and dime your returns. Our low fee covers everything.


Trade Fees

EarthFolio does not charge you to buy or sell securities.



All the funds in your account are no-load or load-waived.


Rebalancing Costs

We provide free automatic rebalancing on your portfolio.

Personalized asset allocation • Smart portfolio rebalancing • Automatic bank transfers • SIPC asset protection through TD Ameritrade • Live phone support

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Lower your fees not your expectations.