• How We Invest

Smart investing
without the hassle.

Smart, diversified, and all about you.

Every investor is different, that’s why identifying the right mix of investments is so important. We start by asking a few simple questions. Then we take it from there and create an asset allocation designed to your specific goals and risk tolerance. We use time-tested strategies and Modern Portfolio Theory to allocate and diversify your money across a broad selection of global stocks and bonds.

We’ll help you find the right investment mix.

Stock Funds

  • US Large Companies
  • US Medium Companies
  • US Small Companies
  • Int’l Developed Companies
  • Money Market

Bond Funds

  • US Short-Term
  • US Intermediate-Term
  • High Yield
  • Community Development

Lower risk/
Lower return

Higher risk/
higher return

Built for smart and efficient performance.

Performance begins with intelligent design and continues with smart investor behavior. EarthFolio optimizes your performance by building a diversified foundation of best-of-class sustainable funds. These funds feature established track records, strong management, and no commissions or transaction fees.

Once you’re invested, EarthFolio helps you navigate the emotional ups and downs of the market by automatically rebalancing your portfolio—helping you stay on track.

EarthFolio Optimizes Your Performance

Managed, so you can stay calm & invest on.

EarthFolio saves you time and needless stress by carefully monitoring and managing your money over the life of your account. We’ll keep you in the loop with secure online access that’s as close as your phone. And, for those times you’d prefer a more human touch, a live and knowledgeable person you can speak with.

We use an independent custodian for your protection.

Your EarthFolio assets are held at Schwab, one of the world’s largest discount brokerage firms and a member of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC) with asset protection up to $500,000. For details please visit SIPC.org

A portfolio that lets you live your life.